Sports Betting Website - White Label

Advertise your company on the web and provide your customers with the opportunity to bet with you when betting shops are closed.  Gain new customers from around the country.

Using the Finsoft MarginMaker Web and Call Centre software, BTC are able to offer any independent bookmaker a live sports betting website.  This is a fully managed service which relieves the bookmaker of all the day to day operational responsibilities of running a website. The service includes support such as branded email marketing, welcome packs and banner creation.

In addition to taking bets on a wide range of sporting events, the website can also be used to advertise the location of your betting shops, display your company rules and provide information about the company.  Links to a casino, poker and games website will be available shortly.

This 'white label' service is operated by Corbett Bookmakers and anyone interested in the service should contact for further details.  A sample website is shown below.

Companies using this service can be found by clicking one of the links below;